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A family safe YouTube channel with

lots of fun Science adventures


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Username- jacobmakesciencefun

We can help you teach your 

children Science in a fun and

engaging online community.

Specialising in homeschooling

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Looking for a unique school or commercial event? Host a Make Science Fun Carnival! We can even do AMAZING children's parties!

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Do your Science Teachers need some inspiration? Jacob specialises in offering in-service workshops to both HighSchool and Primary Teachers. Online classes

'Excellent practical advice from a highly enthusiastic and passionate presenter - one of the most useful PL session on Physics I have ever attended.'


'Very practical fun ideas for the classroom.'


This was AMAZING. Jacob gave lots of really practical tips for running highly engaging practical experiences.

Book 1 - 'Make Science Fun' Suits ages 5 to 11.

Book 2 - 'Make Science Fun Experiments' suits ages 8 - 15. This book

is designed to be written in.

Both books are perfect 

for homeschooling.

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Make Science Fun Book Cover by Jacob Strickling


Do you need specific video footage of Science experiments or demonstrations? We have a quick turnaround and can help you!

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