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Teacher Discovers FerroFluid Alternative That Won't Break the Bank

June 2020

Jacob discovered that magnetic paint from Aldi makes an acceptable replacement for FerroFluid, yet is 50 times cheaper!

March 2020

During Covid lockdown 2020 Jacob made this fun ride for his kids to help cope with Isolation

South Korean Children's Science Publication

May 20202

Jacob was featured in a Southern Korean Children's Science Publication and has been invited to go over and do some Science demonstrations on their Television show.

Right This Minute - Learning doesn't have to be boring

August 15th 2019

For Science Week 2019 we launched a GIANT liquid nitrogen rocket. Right This Minute LLC a US internet Based TV show covered the story.

Channel 7 - Australia's Got talent

July 29th 2019

Successfully made it through to the judges auditions on Australia's Got Talent 2019 where I had the privilege of performing a number of fun experiments.

Channel 9 - Today Show - Fourth Appearance

24th December 2018

Channel 9 Today Show - Christmas Eve appearance where I demonstrated my new invention - Christmas Bon Bon's which not only contain toys, but actually turn out to be an actual toy themselves - a toy cup flier.

Channel 10 - Studio 10 Appearance

28th November 2017

Channel 10 - Studio 10 Book Launch with Roxy Jacenko and Natarsha Belling. Lots of fun with smoke vortex cannons and diet coke and liquid nitrogen bottle rockets.

Jacob Strickling, creator of the YouTube channel 'Make Science Fun' and author of the book 'Make Science Fun' has been entertaining adults and their children with his Science shows.

To promote his book 'Make Science Fun', Jacob Strickling was invited onto the set of the Today Show to do some science.

Jacob appeared on the Today Show in order to help parents do science with their children in the school holidays.

Jacob was invited to do some science experiments on live radio. It was a little crazy but a lot of fun.

  • Jacob Strickling has lightbulb moment when he is mowing his lawn

  • The qualified mechanical engineer attaches three lawnmowers to its back 

  • On the 9th April 2016, Jacob Strickling appeared on the Weekend Today Show Channel Nine.
    He had a five minute slot to do three Science demonstrations for the hosts, Peter Stefanovic and Amelia Adams.

  • A father has built a 'chair-spin' ride for his children in their backyard

  • Jacob Strickling made the machine to teach his kids a science lesson

  • Dad Jacob Strickling found a clever way to take out the garbage bins 

  • He modified his daughter's go kart so she could easily transport the bins

  • An Australian father has demonstrated that mowing the lawn can be fun 

  • He used old snowboards and a snow mobile to create a 'grass toboggan'

  • Telegraph - Article - 'Mad scientist' dad creates fire breathing dragon toy and scares his children

    The Telegraph, 24th November 2015

    Famous 'mad scientist' YouTuber called Jacob has built a remote controlled, fire breathing, smoke blowing dragon and inadvertently knocks his six-year-old son over with it.

    Daily Mail - Article - Geeky dad sets fire to his backyard after souping up his son's toy ball blower

    DailyMail November 10, 2015

    Footage has captured the hilarious moment a science enthusiast's family experiment went wrong and almost burned down a tree.


    A bizarre video has emerged of a man known as the 'Mad Scientist' laughing hysterically as he pulls a huge worm out of the sand and celebrates his catch by kissing the creature.


    An Australian science teacher is finally coming clean with an innovative water-treatment system that he's been sitting on for more than a decade.

    An Australian larrikin found himself surrounded by a pod of whales after a homemade microphone device he had invented to attract them made quite a splash.

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