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If your school or organisation is located

in Sydney, the Central Coast or Newcastle,

Make Science Fun Pty Ltd is offering

Full-Day Hands-on Science Incursions

for upto 90 Year 5 and/or Year 6 Primary

students at a cost of only $900.


to find out more!

Yes, you have read correctly - your primary school is being offered a premium incursion,  with all Science equipment and consumables, hosted by Jacob Strickling, for upto 90 students, for the whole day -at a cost of $10 per student (assuming 90 students participate)

Students will work in pairs with a Junior Chemistry Set to complete all activities and experiments.

There are TWO incursions to currently choose from:

1. The Primary School Chemistry Day (For students in Years 5 and/or 6)

2. Heat and Matter (For students in Years 5 and/or 6)

There is some flexibility in how these incursions can be offered:

1. The suggested format is for upto 90 of the same Year 5 and/or Year 6 students in the school hall for the whole day. 

2. Another possibility is to have two half day incursions with two different groups of students (upto 90 students per group)

3. A smaller space with less students.

In all cases

i) the cost will be $900 for the day and there will be 45 Junior Chemistry Sets and associated equipment and consumables provided.

ii) the school needs to provide the tables and chairs for the students to work at. Typically 6 students can work around a standard folding plastic table.

iii) the school needs to provide a minimum of 1 supervising teacher for every 30 students. If there are 90 students - then 3 teachers need to be present. Consider this excellent professional development for the teachers as they become more familiar with Science terminology and working scientifically.

What is the secret to be able to have 90 students doing hands-on Chemistry experiments for the whole day for only $900 - when similar vendors may only do a 1 hour Science Show for the same price?

1. The equipment supplied by Tiny Science Lab is wonderful and specifically designed for this incursion.

2. The experiments chosen are engaging, interesting and fully supported by the wonderful worksheets.

3. Only one presenter is required. In this case - Jacob Strickling, who is very experienced and is able to maintain a fun and engaging learning atmosphere.

4. We believe that your school will love the equipment so much, that you will want to purchase your own Junior Chemistry Sets and so be equipped to run your own incursions the future.

Checkout this FaceBook post from St Brendans Catholic Primary School who hosted this event:

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