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We have created an entire new range of Science equipment that enhances the practical experience for the student, leading to better educational outcomes.

As our equipment is smaller than traditional equipment, student's feel more confident carrying out practical work. 

The experiments are safer, faster, use 90% less chemicals and don't require traditional Science labs to operate.

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From Dr Col Harrison - Highly esteemed NSW Lead Chemistry Teacher

'Some of the best fun you can have at home!

Stop putting it off, get this wonderful set right now! As an experienced Science teacher Jacob knows what is both fun and educational. There is a small collection of chemicals which can be supplemented with many additions from around the home and this leads to a huge range of potential investigations. The tiny apparatus looks delicate but is robust and allows for the real Chemistry experience. I love my tiny Chemistry Set and can only encourage my colleagues and their students to grab your own set and let the fun begin.'

No Laboratory?
No Problems!

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